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 mother praised me for s
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Inserito il - 30 nov 2019 : 08:53:41  Mostra Profilo  Visita l'Homepage di ylq Invia a ylq un Messaggio Privato  Rispondi Quotando
In the process of growing up, everyone will taste the taste, inevitably there are some bumps. Life is not smooth, you will succeed if you climb the mountains, and there will be achievements. As the saying goes, delicious dumplings. My favorite thing is to eat dumplings. I especially miss the stream in my hometown. The original clear mirror looks like water. I also miss the dumplings wrapped by my grandmother. That was my childhood. On New Year's Eve, my grandma prepared me and filled the stuffing in the afternoon, and I waited for the naughty outside to go home. After a while, I went home and watched the TV without paying attention to the plate of stuffing. Noodles, grandma said you go to make dumplings? Don't go! I said while watching the animation. Grandma forced me to go to the kitchen and taught me to start making the first dumplings. The first dumplings were ugly. The dumplings made by others were standing, and I wrapped dumplings and lay there like a fat man. I will pack the third, the third, the fourth ... The number is increasing, the shape of the dumplings has not changed, the round is not round, the flat ones are not called Bianla. After a busy afternoon, the dumplings were still not finished. It took me a lot of time to cook the dumplings after wrapping the dumplings. The boiling water burned me when I cooked the dumplings, and then I cried loudly, saying vaguely, do n#65533;#65533;t cook, do n#65533;#65533;t cook, burn I was dead, crying, and ran to the house. Needless to say that my favorite dumpling is, or that I was so hot that I was crying. This hard-working dinner made me happy. In the evening [url=http://www.cigarettesusaonline.com/]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url], parents rushed to the home to celebrate the New Year. Goethe said that family harmony is the happiest whether it is a king or a farmer. We ate together my dumplings together and reunited with each other, with a satisfied smile. After a long time, my mother thought of the dumpling and asked me [url=http://www.vipusacigarettes.com/]Cigarettes For Sale[/url], "Did you dump the dumplings you got yourself?" Yes, I answered. Awesome, my mother praised me for saying that the flat dumplings only kept me busy and busy all afternoon [url=http://www.webvipsmoking.com/]Online Cigarettes[/url]. In the future, even the hardest things must be courageously faced, and the perseverance must be overcome to overcome them.
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