Name: Bibombl
Animal species: Bobbletail Setter
Date of birth: 3rd March 2005
Star sign: Pisces Height: one mouse-foot
Weight: about 20 bombls (depends on how many cheese bones I've eaten)
Colour of hair: Bibombl -brown and white mixture
Colour of eyes: blackHairstyle: puppy-soft fondle-fur

Special characteristics: bobble at the end of tail, often has a crust of earth on nose

Place of birth: Bobbledogia
Place of residence: in Diddl's old felt slipper

My hobbies: having races with Diddl, licking all my friends

What I would like to become: tracker for the FBI ( F(rivolous) B (ureau of) I(mmensely nosey mice) )

What I think is cool: biting holes in the Froggies' trousers and bomblbarding them with my bobble, going "to read the news" with Diddl, i.e. sniffing the latest scented messages at the side of the path.

What I don't like: getting hit in the eye by my bobble when I'm running around, being bathed, nasty fleas, having to walk on a leash

What I'm good at: digging holes, finding cheese bones and other important tracks, peeing at up to 802 corners with only one full Bibombl bladder (my personal bobbletail setter record!)

What I'm not so good at: making sure that there is no flowerpot or trouser-leg under any of these 802 corners

Favourite music: "King of the Road" on the Diddl CD, and heavy long-suffering howling at full moon with my mates from the country

Favourite colour: cheese-bone earthy-brown Favourite food: "Mega-gungey earth-crust flavoured cheese-bones"

Favourite drink: "Bobbledog Slobberslurpade"
Favourite clothes: my neckband with my Bibombl medal on it Favourite film: Lady and the Tramp I'm a fan of: loooooong bouncy-snuffle-search-dig-'n- peepee walks
My greatest wish: to find a complete dinosaur skeleton made of yummy cheese-bones

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