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 I just started OSRS following a decade hiatus
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Inserito il - 15 set 2020 : 08:24:29  Mostra Profilo  Visita l'Homepage di Molianalex Invia a Molianalex un Messaggio Privato  Rispondi Quotando
New to OSRS, but thought this was pretty cool

I just started OSRS following a decade hiatus and got 99 fletch in 2 weeks to trim my upcoming range cape. Only been a member for like 2 months, so not entirely new. Okay you had me fooled, but for morytania hard journal, 99 fletch, and 197 barrows torso in 2 months along with what else you have been performing with your spend time you've been really successful. He prob has a sugar dad handing him gp to get darts.

And also to be honest if you don't piss a great deal of cash out on high level darts, fletching isn't actually very fast - just very afk. And everybody knows you don't earn much money with no members, so that he would not have financed it surely. Sugar daddy, or purchasing a ****load of bonds with IRL cash. I got 99 doing magical short/longbows and made a trendy like 12m. And was getting like 225k xp/hr. Haven't really played since.

Fletching is one of the least expensive and easiest abilities to train. 99 fletch is like lvl 50 when converted into agility or rc. Secondly, 200 barrows isn't that mad a grind. . .Agreed I just started barrows for the first time ever like two ish months past. Done like 4-5 sessions and I'm over 100kc already. 99 fletch costs lots of money and doing barrows requires underground move and mm to be anywhere close effective.

Underground pass and MM, did not Soulja Boy complete those quests 1 week into enjoying OSRS? 99 fletch can also be a excellent early money maker. Was hoping to find this, thanks friend. Yall need to suck barrows if you think a new player can not reach 200 barrows chests in 2 months on a normal account. If he had any help from his buddies that probably got him into the game then that is easily believable rofl.

Yeah I did 200 in 20 days which is 10 a day, and I do enjoy 10 an hour, so I think it's too awful even though I play a lot. Yea bro barrows is EZ mode. Sick drop and keep this up. How do you do 10 an hour what's the magical level at.OSRS team Should Really've executive Choice in approving warding

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Modificato da - Molianalex in Data 15 set 2020 08:26:35
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